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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  January 18, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PST

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tonight -- ♪ something strange. >> "ghostbusters" is back and "e.t." has sequel secrets you won't see anywhere else. something else only we have the original cast on set. >> i don't want to get corny and an emotional -- could you cut the camera? then, brad pitt's emotional night out and how miley sigh use is firing back at rumors. the legendary act added to the super bowl line up. "the masked singer" star revealed. plus, look who's turning 97.
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why betty white's birthday plans will make you love her even more. >> i'm the luckiest old broad in the business. this is "entertainment tonight." ♪ calling "ghostbusters" fans everywhere -- a new movie is on the way. and let me tell you, people are losing their minds. >> yes, dogs and cats living together. mass hysteria. >> yes. here is the magic of our "e.t." vault. we were on the set of the original 35 years ago. >> no show knowser many about then or now. this is a sneak peek of the "ghostbusters" in the works. the rusty remain of the ecto 1 car. another clue? that music outside the barn is the same score used in the opening library scene.
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♪ something strange >> ivan reitman was the famed director behind the original movie. see that 11-year-old boy by his side at the "ghostbusters 2" premier? that's jason reitman and he's writing and developing this next chapter. >> he's developed. his writing is extraordinary. >> "e.t." learned filming will again in the next few months with a 2020 release date. jason says his film takes place in the present day. >> it's going to be a very funny movie. >> funny, scary, thrills and chills for the whole family and a pg rating we hope. >> "e.t." was on set in 1984. >> comes to life. >> we have had some -- strike that. >> dan aykroyd and bill murray would tell they have a hit on their hands. >> his character is a skeptic
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and is not afraid of ghosts. ♪ i ain't afraid of no ghosts. >> i am. i was scared of that movie when it came out. by the way, the theme song was written and performed by ray parker jr. it hit number one. it was nominated for an oscar. >> deservedly. >> yes, indeed. while we are talking music, a lineup including brad pitt got together to pay tribute to chris co cornell, the musician who took his own life. >> i would like to introduce a very special duet. >> brad pitt introduced the daughter of his late friend chris cornell. the duet with ziggy marly was poignant. through years we have watched the father and daughter share red carpet moments. >> she's good. he loves to take care of people. >> are you excited? >> yes. >> why?
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>> because i want to see my daddy. >> i'm extremely proud. >> adam levine also performed at last night's benefit, which included 42 songs and lasted five hours. in the audience, leonardo dicaprio, courteney cox, and chris pine. another big moment? miley. the singer wore two outfits. one cover in the crystals and a mini dress priced just over 4 grand and knee high boots that usually go for $7,000. yesterday, miley shut down a report claiming she and husband liam hemsworth were filing. she said i'm not egg expecting but it's egg-excellent to ear everyone is excited for us. >> let's give them a minute to be happy and married before we put that on them. >> back to the tribute, it's
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exciting that the benefit raised more than $1 million for two important organizations, including the chris and vicky cornell foundation. we are just 17 days away from the super bowl. guys we finally know now who will sing the national anthem ♪ oh, he's leaving >> mo town legend gladys knight is on that midnight train back to her hometown. >> i'm in georgia. at the super bowl. get ready, atlanta. i'm coming home. >> the seven-time grammy winner joined the halftime show. the national anthem spot may have been hard to fill after the kneeling controversy, but gladys says she wants to inspire unity. >> i hope the anthem will touch people in a different way. we have been singing it forever. this time, i hope they would feel it so deeply that it will lift them to a higher place.
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>> if anybody can do it, you can miss gladys. there's also a lot of buzz that gladys is the bee on "the masked singer." last night we learned the identity of the deer, the pittsburgh steelers' blond bomber himself ♪ you know i love it when you get your shine on ♪ >> show us who's behind the mask. >> if this is terry bradshaw -- >> come on, terry. >> i knew it! >> i didn't lose. i just ran out of time. thank you. i got to thank y'all for voting me off. >> the nfl hall of famer seemed relieved to be getting the boot three weeks into the competition. can i just say, i was right when i made my guess to nick cannon last week. >> i know the deer is terry bradshaw. >> why you say that? i didn't know i was coming to be
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in the hot seat. >> i find deer beautiful just like me. i'm a beautiful man. what can i say. >> nine contestants remain. poodle alien raven and bee are set to perform next week ♪ chandelier >> the more expensive the looker the more famous the celebrity might be. >> this is my favorite. they use the lion the most in the pro mos, so whoever it's underneath there must be somebody important. >> ooh. >> i don't know that one. >> peacock looks expensive, too. >> there you go, nancy. big timing. more music news. the grammys have announce that had cardi b., camilla cabello, kacey musgraves are performing.
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>> they air on cbs. meanwhile, today is a very special day because it is betty white's 97th birthday. we love her so much. how is she going celebrate? we have new details on that. the hollywood icon was spotted out. >> i'm just riding the wave and having a wonderful time. >> is she ever. this is a beaming bet di looking happy and healthy running errands in hollywood. >> tur best in the business. >> no, i'm the luckiest broad in the business. >> friends tell "e.t." she'll play a couple of hand of gin rummy. >> you don't self-destruct after 55. we are all just as vital and sensual and nutty and good and bad as everybody else. >> the evening ends with poker.
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>> you can see what a friendly game it is. >> all the while, she'll be waiting for robert redford to call. >> is there one thing out there that betty white wants to do? >> robert redford. >> he has certainly been a long time crush for betty. >> robert redford. >> we once showed robert some of betty's feelings about him. >> i would be so embarrassed if i ever met him. he never calls, he never writes. >> i tried. she never responded. i couldn't imagine being loved by anybody better. >> there isn't anybody better is there? >> no, you're the best. happy birthday, betty, we love you. already, coming up -- >> now i'm drunk. >> why kate and goldie need their own show. >> the mother daughter duo's moments ill iffing in for ellen. chris pratt just gave his mother 22 million more reasons
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halle berry joins the latest jo
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we know chris pratt has won katherine schwarzenegger's heart because she said yes, but what would chris's own mother love more, chris or his brother? >> their mom loves to bowl so, she got her team matching bowling shirts. chris said, for four minutes he was the better son.
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now i'm going put herren instagram for 22 million people to adore her. your move. >> you never outgrow sibling rivalry. let's talk about our favorite mother-daughter duo, goldie hawn and kate hudson. >> she's always late. >> wait! >> at 73, goldie was also down to party like that's time. >> i wasn't drunk! now i'm drunk! >> tequila fueled goldie toured ellen's lot where nearly 40 years ago she filmed "private benjamin" and a film that changed her life. >> i met kurt right here. >> you put a sign on the trailer that said, if the trailer is rocking don't come knocking. >> that's how i grew up. >> can you get used to seeing kurt and your mom up on the
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screen like that? >> yeah, sort of. >> kate was 8 during our first interview. brother oliver, 11. >> i'm used to seeing my mom up on the screen. >> today, the 42-year-old surprised his mom. >> you guys are doing an okay job. >> their interview skills were on point, getting gwyneth paltrow to dish on her interesting honeymoon. >> my ex husband -- >> this is to fabulous. >> we have a similar situation. there is pain, but when you put it aside and work through it. >> it's really healing. >> ellen swapped roles with kate. >> who is that baby, by the way? >> wasn't my baby. >> whose baby? >> that's the mystery. they have to come back. >> whave to find out. they did great. mcdreamy's lost daughter? who botched their audition?
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greys secrets. forget the ten-year challenge gone viral. we flash back to the stars of "glass" 20 years ago. >> i look confused there. like, huh? closed captioning provided by --
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emreplenished,d, fortified. emerge everyday with emergen-c. packed with b vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good every day? emerge and see. why do you want to work with me? i know i can be tough, but that's because i'm surrounded by useless idiots. >> i don't know if i'm up to it. the last project i managed with you my high school yearbook, and that was the year we didn't have one. >> i love this show. we will see in penny and bernadette team up tonight on an all-new episode of "big bang theory." "grey's anatomy" is back from winter break, the cast feeling nfee feelifee feelifee feeling nostalgic.
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>> meredith grey has become the most notable woman on tv. have you watched any of episodes? >> we are shooting so much the last thing i want to do is watch the show. >> ellen doesn't watch. that's one more secret. the show was originally going to be called surgeons. mcdreamy was supposed to have a daughter from his first marriage. jackson was only supposed to be own one episode, but the producers liked him so much he stayed. >> i botched the interview. >> stop talking. >> people might not know you were not in the pilot. >> that's true. i was not in the original pilot. the year before they started alex karev. >> they're like, we are missing a jerk. >> i was in fatigues and i remember worrying about my scotch accent. >> i can't be in here. help! hey! >> tonight, "grey's" is back and
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so is the drama. >> penny's pregnant. >> it's yours? >> meredith may have a hot hookup of her own. >> i know you have options but i want you to know that i'm one of them. >> he confessed his feelings for meredith and said, screw it, i'm just going tell her you who i feel. >> this is a bad idea for us. >> ooh, some hotness going on. >> whoo! okay. how about this? next month, "grey's anatomy" will surpass "e.r." as the longest running medical drama on tv. we have the ten-year challenge going on now. with the stars of "glass," we thought it would be fun whier to take the idea and double down. >> that was the face i shouting jewel ra roberts made when she smiled really back. that's me trying to copy julia roberts. that sparkle dress was like, if
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i doesn't happen in the next two minutes it's going needs to happen. >> it was 20 years ago that m. night shyamalan started the prequel to "glass." >> thas formula 51, the facial hair. it's just growing in. i like that i have some level of consistency. these eyes look wider. i look confused there, like, huh? >> two decades after "unbreakable" and sam is still locked up in an institution and in a wheelchair. >> great to be able to sit down and just roll yourself around the whole movie. >> you have an extraordinary iq. >> all these inmates have superpowers but sara, the hospital shrink doesn't. >> i thought the twist was i was going to be the most powful person. that sadly did not turn out the to be the case. >> bruce willis can't be near water. sam's body is fragile as glass.
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that leavestous ask the actors, what's your weakness? >> unemployment. >> i think i probably always think i know better. >> i'm the most impatient person you ever met in your life. it works better in a television world, but on a movie it's like, oh, my god, i would have shot 15 pages of "american horror story" already. what are we waiting on? >> i woman after my own heart. sarah will reunite with her ahs producer for his upcoming netflix series. it's going to be good. it's going to be the story of nurse rasped from "one flew over the cuckoo's nest." >> sometimes i feel cuckoo when i try to figure out what men are thinking. real crazy. having that about would be a superpower. taraji p. henson has it in her new movie "what men want."
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kevin frazier was exclusively on the set. >> welcome back. thank god this woman didn't die on me. no more drinking at work. >> after an accident, sports agent ali can hear men's thoughts. >> would you be afraid to know what men are thinking? >> yes. i don't need to know everything. i like to leave things left to the imagination. >> holy crap. can you hear my inner thoughts? >> i can hear your inner thoughts! i have enough hearing the voices in my ahead. i don't need anymore voices. i don't have enough space. >> she shot "what men want" in atlanta while on a break from her role as cookie lyon in "empire." >> cookie and alley are two very different. >> very different. two powerhouse women, but cookie is not diplomatic. >> you think i came here dressed like this for a friendly get together. ali went to college, more of an
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ivy league, or somewhere where she could get ahead in the boys club. >> taraji wanted to set the record straight on her hair. it's for a scene. >> i can't touch it because the hair is supposed to be messed up and we have the perfect messed up hair right now. bed head. >> show it off. show it off one more time. >> ooh. that was some good bed ahead. okay, all right. coming up, how
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travel consideration provided by -- there is so much that we love about jennifer garner. at the top of the list is she keeps it real. >> case in point, check out jen giving us an absolute perfect mommy moment. there she is, helping her son. take a look. whoa. gets it right in the gutter. moms are always taking one for the team, aren't they. >> they are. it's been raining like crazyraz here in l.a. >> she's so cute wet hair and everything. >> doing the mama thing.
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